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Welcome! Join us 6pm every Sunday at the Campus Christian Center 

The ECM at the University of Arizona gathers throughout the week for worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. Every Sunday in term we meet at 6:00pm to celebrate the Eucharist and share a meal, graciously provided by local Episcopal parishes. On Wednesdays we meet at 7pm in front of Gentle Ben's for Thirsty (a)Theology, a time where the ECM picks up the appetizers and we gather, and bring possibly controversial friends, to have intentional conversation where we hope to learn to disagree better. The Chaplain, Ben Garren, is available throughout the week for one on one discussion with students on issues of religion and life in general. We strive to be an inclusive community that is open to being transformed and transforming others towards a life with Christ. The journeys of individuals from every race, class, sexuality, gender expression, and (a)religious background are neccesary for our authentically growing in our own faith as a community.   

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Christian Campus Center
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